DPW Holdings, Inc. owns interests in a broad range of companies and are focused on identifying undervalued public & private entities and disruptive technologies that execute our strategy to achieve above market rate returns, liquidity for investors, and while measuring impact/sustainability principles. Those interests are attributed to three tracking groups: Gresham World Wide, Coolysis Technologies and Ault Alliance.

The following table set forth some of DPW Holdings, Inc.’s assets that are held directly and indirectly through partnerships, joint ventures, common stock investments and/or instruments convertible into common stock. Ownership percentages in the tables are approximate and, where applicable, assume conversion to common stock by DPW Holdings, Inc. and, to the extent known by DPW Holdings, Inc., other holders. In some cases, DPW Holdings, Inc.’s interest may be subject to buy/sell procedures, repurchase rights or dilution.


Gresham is noted for its strong, long term relationships with “blue chip” customers in defense, aerospace and commercial sectors across the globe. Provides high quality, ultra-reliable bespoke technology solutions for mission critical applications.

Gresham Power (UK) (2)

Based in Salisbury, UK, Gresham designs and manufactures power conversion and distribution equipment for defense, industrial, commercial and medical applications. Equipment in service on virtually all UK Royal Navy submarine and surface fleets.
100% ownership

Microphase Corp. (CT) (2)

Based in Shelton, CT, Microphase designs, develops, and manufactures advanced radio frequency solutions and millimeter-wave and microwave technologies for the U.S. Department of Defense, international defense providers and aerospace manufacturers. Microphase also delivers customized products and solutions for commercial application.
54.56% ownership

Enertec (Israel) (2)

Based in Karmiel, Israel. Designs, develops and manufactures military products, solutions, and services include missile defense systems, mission computer products, simulators, command and control systems and power solutions designed to perform in harsh environments and battlefield conditions.
100% ownership


Designs, develops and manufactures innovative, feature rich, and top-quality power product solutions for mission-critical applications in the harshest environments and life-saving, life-sustaining applications across diverse markets including defense/aerospace, medical/healthcare, industrial, telecommunications, automotive and EV charger sectors. Design and manufacture innovative, feature rich, and top-quality power products for mission critical applications in the harshest environments and life-saving, life sustaining applications across diverse markets including defense-aerospace, medical-healthcare, and industrial-telecommunications.

Digital Power Corporation(7)

Based in Milpitas, CA. Designs and manufactures innovative, feature rich, and top-quality power product solutions for mission-critical applications in  harsh environments and for life-saving, life-sustaining applications across diverse markets including defense and aerospace, medical and healthcare, industrial, telecommunications, automotive and EV charger sectors.
100% ownership


Power-Plus is a branded division of Digital Power providing customized value-added power solution customized product lines, and other power-related products and components.
100% ownership


Digital Power Lending

Based in Newport, CA. A licensed California Finance Lender that provides commercial loans to companies throughout the United States to provide them with operating capital to finance the growth of their businesses.
100% ownership

It’s Like Fashion

An ecommerce and retail “pop-up” membership business offering discounted luxury items to consumers.
100% ownership

456 Lux Hotel NYC, LLC (6)

This development will be a 5-Star ultra-luxury hotel located at 456 Greenwich Street in New York City in the heart of Tribeca managed by France’s premier luxury operator, Groupe Lucien Barriere (GLB). The eight-story, 93,900-square-foot hotel will consist of 96 guest rooms and suites, several restaurants with a private member’s bar, a 1,500-square-foot interior courtyard, a spa, a swimming pool, meeting space and a 100+ person screening room. It is slated to open in the summer of 2022.
100% ownership


Alzamend Neuro

Based in Tampa, FL. A biotechnology company dedicated to researching, developing and commercializing preventions, treatments and cures for Alzheimer’s disease. The company is working on two patented therapeutics licensed from the University of South Florida, one of the top 20 institutions in the nation for patented research.

MTIX International (5)

MTIX International is a dba of Avalanche International Corp, a Nevada incorporated publicly traded holding company with two subsidiaries, MTIX, Ltd.

MTIX, Ltd. is an advanced-materials and processing technology company located in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK. The company has developed a novel cost effective and environmentally friendly material synthesis technology for textile applications.
84% ownership

Sandstone Diagnostics

Sandstone is an innovative technology and healthcare start-up company producing medical products and research tools designed to improve healthcare.
4.5% ownership

1) Represents undiluted ownership interest unless otherwise noted.

2) Subsidiaries of Coolisys Technologies Inc.

3) Formerly known as Super Crypto Mining

4) DP Lending has a $1.7 million loan with IAM and once paid back DPW will own 51% and IAM Management will own 49%.

5) Percentages denote equity ownership as of August 1, 2017. Excludes intermediary and pass through entities. Assumes no conversion other outstanding notes. For detailed understanding of the ownership please review the 13d filing for Avalanche International Corp.

6) DPW presently owns 100% of 456 Lux Hotel NYC, LLC, which in turn is expected to own up to 28% of NYREIC 456 LP.

7) Marketed under Power Plus Electronics